Please join us Saturday, March 23, from 9 am until about 5 pm. at BWKS 1125 Victoria  suite B Costa Mesa, CA.  (949) 645-0337.  The investment for all classes combined is $60.00, or $30.00 per class if you are not attending the whole day.

The day will include seminars taught by Paul Dye, Eddie Downey, John Sepulveda, Graham Lelliott, John Conway, Shay Mcnamee, David Coppock, David Brock, Marty Zaninovich, Michael Pombeiro, Rick Avery, Eddie Maher, Ron Sanchez, Michael Watters, and Richard Mullen.

The seminars will be broken into 3 groups, white-green, brown+black, and a special children’s class at 12:00.

The children’s class will be taught by a wonderful team of teachers from Ireland that includes Michael Watters, Eddie Maher, and Richard Mullen.

The investment for the children’s seminar is $10.00.

Your entrance fee to the seminars includes lunch at 12 noon, provided by Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

Included in this day is a special event at 1pm. Master Paul Dye will become Senior Master Paul Dye as he accepts the honor of moving to 10th degree.  In attendance will be a impressive amount of Kenpo Leaders from around the world in support of a true Kenpo icon.

Seminar Instructors

  • Paul Dye
  • Eddie Downey
  • John Sepulveda
  • Graham Lelliott
  • John Conway
  • Shay Mcnamee
  • David Coppock
  • David Brock
  • Marty Zaninovich
  • Michael Pombeiro
  • Rick Avery
  • Eddie Maher
  • Ron Sanchez
  • Michael Watters
  • Richard Mullen